Purchase Price Assurance

Right now there is a lot going on. Many stores and clothing manufacturers are going out of business or are trying to raise cash during the pandemic to keep their employees on payroll and keep their doors open .


Unfortunately, in the noble effort to do that, some stores are offering numerous clearance discounts or are selling their products to liquidators ,who then turn around and sell it to other retailers at a substantially lower cost than what we are able to get from our vendors.


Recently, we have noticed an increase in customer feedback letting us know that they are finding similar items at other stores or on line at lower prices. Unfortunately, as they say, we can not control everything.


You are smart ladies and as you know, there are a ton of factors that go into how items are priced. Some of those factors are, quantity ordered, fabric, seasonality and speed of delivery we request from the supplier. The reasons are endless, but enough of this!


Going forward, as a benefit of being a member of the b list, we make this offer to you: If you find the same item at another retailer or online store within 30 days of purchase for less than what you paid, we will provide you with a complimentary merchandise certificate for the price difference that can be used within one year either in-store or at thebstore.com.


Just e mail customerservice@thebstore.com with your receipt number, a photo of the item (and the tag) from the other store or a screenshot if it is online; and we will send you an e-certificate for the difference right away.