Why basics are so important

Why basics are so important

Basics are the one thing every person needs in their closet. What do we mean by basics? We mean that simple pant, skirt, or undershirt that will be necessary for most occasions. By having a wardrobe filled with the basics it makes getting dressed easy. We suggest loading up on these specific basics, that can be paired with almost every outfit.



The cami: It’s that see through shirt that you need to put something under quickly, the cami is a life saver and will become your essential shape wear piece. It’s perfect for layering under your favorite fall sweaters or dressy sheer tops. The cami also shapes and smooths, gently slimming your silhouette.

The Pant: The next basic is the pant you put on when you want a more comfortable fit. It is a stretch feel that actually fits and flatters your figure. It makes comfy become more accessible and you can spice it up with a tunic top. Also with the versatility to wear it three different ways you are bound to get compliments on them even though they will be the most comfortable pant in your wardrobe.

The Fleece Pant: Another basic is the fleece pant, which is a mix of casual and dressy for those chilly fall and winter days. They're perfect when you have to go out and about, or need something to keep you warm at work. The Magic Fleece Pant lets you stay warm and comfortable, and yet gives you the slimming, style, sophistication and versatility not available with a traditional legging or yoga pant.

The Skirt: The last basic everyone needs in their closet is a nice skirt that stretches and can worn in multiple ways. The magic skirt can be worn as a dress, high waisted mini skirt, or a slim pencil skirt. This makes it perfect for almost any occasion and will make getting dressed more enjoyable and easy.

These items are a staple to everyone's closet, which is why we carry them all year round. Make sure to stock up on these items that can be paired with almost anything and make getting dressed a breeze!

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