Hey there,  It's Bethany from The B Store here!

You may remember me as a stylist at the Naples location.

I have held many titles over the last ten years: Director of Marketing, Director of Administration, Director of Human Resources, Director of Accounting, the CEO’s little sister, or my favorite as of a month ago…Mommy.

It is my pleasure to introduce the newest addition to The B Store family, my son, Titus.

As a first-time mommy, I have enjoyed several new experiences with my little bundle of joy. Since he was born, I find myself overwhelmed by the feeling of absolute love.

While I was prepared for the late-night feedings, explosive diaper changes and the occasional fussy mood. One thing I was not prepared for was my post-baby body. Every new mom has been there, that moment you realize you no longer fit into your maternity clothes, but your pre-baby wardrobe is still a bit snug. Or in my case, fitting like the shrink wrap encasing a butterball turkey. If you can relate, you have to check out my "Mommy Must-Haves".

I have found that my "Mommy Must-Haves" consists of long flowing blouses and tunics, creating a slimmer profile while hiding temporary problem areas. In the first part of our series, we are going to take a closer look at what makes the "Magic Skirt" so incredibly magical.

The Magic Skirt


Okay, I know what you're thinking at first glance, Mommy. Probably something to the tune of, " Yeah right, maybe in 6 months!". I felt the same way at first, until I slipped it on. To my amazement, the magic skirt lived up to its name. 

Three reasons the Magic Skirt is the perfect transition piece to add to your wardrobe:

  • The magic material works as shape-ware, gently holding you in, smoothing or hiding that pesky post-par-tum pooch.
  • The skirts come in 17 different colors, making it easy to coordinate with the tops you already own as you gradually to return to your original size.
  • The magic skirt can be worn three different ways, basically creating 3 separate outfits out of one piece.


Ways to Wear the Magic Skirt

The Magic Skirt is extremely versatile, three of the most popular ways to wear it are: The Short Skirt, The Long Skirt and The Base Dress.

1. The Short Skirt

In order to rock the short skirt look, simply pull the skirt over your tummy just under your chest.

2. The Long Skirt

If you’re still feeling a little self-conscious about your thighs, no worries, pull the skirt right above your belly button

3. The Base Dress

Yes, I know I said it was a skirt but, I also told you it was magic. By pulling the magic skirt up over your chest, it becomes a base dress.


What to Wear with the Magic Skirt

Whether you decide to wear your Magic Skirt, short or long, over-blouses and tunics couple nicely. 



Long Cardigans and Kimonos look amazing when the Magic Skirt is worn as a Base Dress.




The Magic Skirt is the perfect the transitional piece to add to your wardrobe. Not only will it give your confidence a little boost, it will still look great on you as you shed those pounds.

Remember you are beautiful, Mamma. It is easy to lose sight of the of the fact that your body just brought an incredible little creature into the world. Have patience with your body, enjoy the journey and treasure these special moments with your little one.



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