Mommy Must Haves: Part III - The Magic Camisole

Mommy Must Haves: Part III - The Magic Camisole

It’s spring break time again in beautiful, sunny Naples, Florida. You know what that means! Our family and friends from up North, make the great journey to our little piece of paradise. While preparing your home for your happy house guest, you begin to plan activities for their stay.

A few locations cross your mind: Clam’s Pass for an amazing beach day, the Venetian Village for dinner and shopping and of course, the Naples Pier for sunset. Then like an angry little mind ninja, these thoughts break into your stream of consciousness: Bathing suit for the beach, classy yet sassy dress for dinner, a sheer lightweight resort-style outfit for the sunset.

Before having your beautiful baby, you were able to easily pick out an outfit for each occasion. Now, however, something keeps getting in the way. There are various names for this anatomical foe: postpartum pooch, baby belly, deflated bump, or the ever-dreaded muffin top.

As any mom will tell you, the pooch is an inevitable right of passage into motherhood. It is just something you have for a little while. If your baby is like Titus, it is like their own personal trampoline. While that is always fun, sometimes it’s nice to smooth it out. That is why I recommend the Magic Cami.

The Magic Camisole is awesome because it is the ultimate secret weapon in the Magic Must Have arsenal. You can wear this little number under ANY garment and instantly smooth our your profile. That is right, no more bowl full of jelly belly. Just a nice smooth silhouette.

What is even better is that the Magic Cami is perfect if you are nursing! It was really a lifesaver for me because the last thing I wanted to do while feeding my child was to expose my stomach. The camisole’s stretchy shapewear material, allows you to simply pull down a strap and you are good to go!

The Magic Cami comes in three colors: Black, White, and Nude. I am a big fan of nude because it blends under white. However, all of the colors are basic so they will easily integrate into your existing wardrobe.

My favorite way to wear the Magic Camisole is under a sheer flowing top with the Magic Pants or Magic Skirt. By combining the Magic Must Haves, I can create the maximum shapewear threat! Hello, Slim Silhouette!

Here are my favorite combinations...

The Tunic, Magic Pants and Cami Combo:

The Tunic, Magic Skirt and Cami Combo:


The Go-To Sweater and a Magic Camisole (This look can be coupled with any magic bottom for a dressy or casual look):

I like to contrast the colors to create a more dramatic effect...

Whichever way you wear the magic camisole, you are going to look great and feel confident. I know I do!

Don't believe me? Come try one on at one of our Florida locations, or check out the website and enjoy free shipping. 

Special Update:

The B Store will be hosting a Mommy Must-Have Event in May, just in time for Mother's Day. This free event is sure to be a blast with personal styling, standby sitters and refreshments. Keep checking in on our Facebook page for details and your chance to win a Mommy Must-Have Mother's Day Gift!



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