Mommy Must Haves – Part II: The Magic Pants

Mommy Must Haves – Part II: The Magic Pants


Behind closed doors the epic battle ensues. You kick, you scream and suddenly you hear the dreaded ripping sound. On the other side of the door a shrill, somewhat judgmental voice beckons your response, “Ma’am, can I get you a larger size in those?”.

Panic sets in as you realize the size 10 denim jeans (a size you once would swim in) is now, seemly permanently affixed to your body. One hundred things pass through your mind…  

Is the fitting room getting smaller or is the baby stroller getting bigger? Oh no, is baby starting to wake up? Is that the smell of a dirty diaper?! Then the most unsettling thought dawns on you, you have to ask that somewhat passive aggressive saleswoman to pry you out of a pair of pants that you just ripped, in a small smelly fitting room.

Congratulations Mommy, you have successfully moved out of the charming realm of the Awkward Turtle into the enchanted kingdom of the Awkward Aardvark! Forever, this moment in time will be etched in your memory as the Fitting Room Fiasco.

While the story above may seem a whimsical nightmare, for some mommies like me, it is all too familiar. I gained... a lot. I didn't actually realize how many baby pounds I put on until I tried to just "slip on" an old dress. Its good to be able to laugh at yourself and keep things in perspective. 

You see, I do not want to know what my post pregnancy pant size is. Oh no, I would rather not confirm such fleeting details. The way I see it, thanks to our morning stroller walks, I will be shedding the extra pounds in no time. So, why on earth would I buy a whole new wardrobe?

Instead, I found the Magic Pants were a perfect fit for me! Not just because they are one size fits all and feel as comfortable as your yoga pants. It is because they are so versatile. They can be dressed up with heels or worn casually with your favorite flip flops. They can be worn at three different lengths, too! Who knew one pair of pants could go such a long way?


Why the Magic Pants are Amazing!

 The Magic Pants are amazing for many reasons, but for me, I love how they fit. They are one-size fits all and easily fit over my post-pregnancy belly. In fact, the Magic shape-ware material even provides a smoothing camouflage for my post-partum pooch. They are the perfect transition piece because they do not stretch out or lose shape. After wearing them, I just wash them and they snap back to their original size.

The Magic Pants come in ten different colors, making it easy to extend the life of your existing wardrobe. This is awesome because while I am not able to fit into my pre-baby dresses yet, with the magic pants I can wear them as a tunic! Just by introducing the black and blue magic pants into the mix, I suddenly went from five outfits to twenty!


Probably the most “Magical” thing about the Magic Pants is the ability to wear them three different ways. That’s right, three different styles in one pant! Depending on the top, you can wear them dressy straight, casually cuffed or as cute capris. They can be dressed up or worn fun and casual, whatever the occasion, magic pants are a sure bet.


Don’t believe me? Check out this video:


 Here are a few of my favorite outfit combinations:


I love the way the magic pants look when coupled with a long blouse with side slits. The length of the blouse hides that post-partum pooch, while the side slits and magic pants work together to elongate your silhouette. To top of this look, add a long necklace to lengthen your torso even more. The more length the better!

The bottom line is that a trip to a fitting room should not make you break out in a sweat. It should definitely not make you feel bad about yourself. You have someone way more important to worry about. While you might not be your original size yet, you will get there. Remember, while you might not feel the most beautiful right now, there is one little person that thinks that you are the prettiest girl in the world.  

I am happy to report that in response to the overwhelming interest regarding the Mommy-Must-Haves, The B Store Coconut has decided to host an event just for you, Mommy! The professional stylist are ready to show you different looks that are specific to your new body shape. The B Girls love babies, they are more than willing to help you out there too! So bring your little ones to enjoy an evening of styling and snacks! Did I mention, this is a free event! 


Stay tuned for more event details and surprise promotions...









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